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How does an Electric Relay work?

Relays are electrically operated switches, which allow a low-level electrical signal to control a separate larger electrical voltage or current.

Several types of relays are available to suit different applications, including reed relays, automotive power relays, latching relays, contactors & coaxial relays.

Relay Construction

A relay is an electromechanical device that consists of a number of parts, including the Coil, core, armature, yoke, contacts, spring and the push-rod.

How a relay works. Relay parts diagram.

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High voltage electric shock circuit from a disposable camera

This is how to remove the high voltage camera flash pcb from a disposable camera. You can use this to revive nicad batteries, make sparks, electric shocks, mini taser, zap, zapper etc.

Warning – this circuit produces about 350 volts and could be dangerous in some circumstances.