FoxALien XE-PRO CNC Router: Assembly Guide

Are you ready to delve into the world of CNC routing? Look no further than the FoxAlien XE-PRO CNC router. In this article, we’ll take you through a step-by-step assembly guide for this exceptional machine.

The FoxAlien XE-PRO CNC router boasts a generous working area of 400 x 400mm, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. Equipped with integrated closed-loop stepper motors and precise ballscrews, this machine ensures accuracy and efficiency in every cut.

Assembly Process:

  1. Base Frame Setup: Begin by setting up the base frame using the provided M5 30mm bolts, flat washers, and spring washers. Ensure a sturdy foundation for the machine.
  2. Gantry and Axis Installation: Mount the Y-axis sides onto the base frame and secure them with M5 20mm bolts. Then, attach the X-axis gantry and the Z-axis assembly using the specified bolts.
  3. Table Bed and Dust Baffles: Place the MDF table bed onto the frame and align the mounting holes before securing it with M5 25mm bolts. Install the dust baffles using M5 12mm bolts for a clean working environment.
  4. Roller Alignment: Achieve precise alignment by adjusting the rollers on either side of the base. Utilize spacers to ensure uniformity and stability.
  5. Spindle Holder and Drag Chain Installation: Install the spindle holder with the provided bolts, leaving room for adjustments. Then, attach the drag chain brackets and fix the drag chain in position using M4 6mm screws.
  6. Wiring Setup: Connect the various components, starting with the limit switches and stepper motors, ensuring correct polarity. Verify the AC supply voltage settings before connecting the cables to the control box.
  7. Final Connections: Complete the setup by connecting the USB cable, power supply lead, and height probe to the control box.

Testing and Calibration:
Power up the machine and insert the microSD card into the card reader slot. Disable the emergency stop switch and switch on the standalone controller. Home the machine to establish the zero point for the axes. Test the spindle functionality and run a test job using one of the preloaded G-code files.

With the FoxAlien XE-PRO CNC router, precision and efficiency are within reach. By following this comprehensive assembly guide, you can set up your machine with confidence and embark on a journey of creativity and innovation. Stay tuned for more tips and insights on maximizing the capabilities of your CNC router.

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