How to make a DIY Batman LED Fidget Spinner

In this article I am going to describe how to make a fidget spinner in a Batman shape and include flashing RGB leds to give an extra wow factor.

The Batman holder is really easy to make using clay polymer and an inexpensive Batman cookie cutter. Clay polymer is based on PVC and hardens when baked. It is surprisingly durable and has a slight rubbery texture so it is ideal for this application.

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How to make a diy led finger fidget spinner

In this article I am going to describe how I made an led fidget spinner.

Spinners are something to play with instead of clicking your pen or biting your fingernails. They are surprisingly addictive and sometimes help you concentrate.

The basic construction is a housing or holder with a bearing in the centre. To use it you just hold the spinner between a thumb and finger and spin it.

I decided to make a wooden spinner, which has a nice tactile feel, and incorporate leds into it. The leds that I have used have a built-in program that changes the led colour fairly quickly, resulting in some interesting results when the spinner spins.

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