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How does an Electric Relay work?

Relays are electrically operated switches, which allow a low-level electrical signal to control a separate larger electrical voltage or current.

Several types of relays are available to suit different applications, including reed relays, automotive power relays, latching relays, contactors & coaxial relays.

Relay Construction

A relay is an electromechanical device that consists of a number of parts, including the Coil, core, armature, yoke, contacts, spring and the push-rod.

How a relay works. Relay parts diagram.

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How to download, add and install the YouTube app on a Samsung Smart Tv Smarthub

How to download, add and install the Youtube app on a Samsung Smart Tv Smarthub

This video shows how to download the Youtube app onto the Smarthub of a Samsung smart tv.  It also shows you how to edit the apps in the More apps screen and move them to the My Apps screen.

How can I watch YouTube on Samsung TVs older than 2013 ?

The YouTube Flash app on older TV device models is no longer available. To continue watching YouTube on an older Samsung TV  your best bet is to use one of the following cheap media players that support YouTube:

Roku Streaming media player:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon IT
Amazon ES

Amazon Fire TV Stick :
Amazon US
Amazon UK
AMazon DE

YouTube Flash Announcement from Google:

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