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How does an Electric Relay work?

Relays are electrically operated switches, which allow a low-level electrical signal to control a separate larger electrical voltage or current.

Several types of relays are available to suit different applications, including reed relays, automotive power relays, latching relays, contactors & coaxial relays.

Relay Construction

A relay is an electromechanical device that consists of a number of parts, including the Coil, core, armature, yoke, contacts, spring and the push-rod.

How a relay works. Relay parts diagram.

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How to download, add and install the YouTube app on a Samsung Smart Tv Smarthub

How to download, add and install the Youtube app on a Samsung Smart Tv Smarthub

This video shows how to download the Youtube app onto the Smarthub of a Samsung smart tv.  It also shows you how to edit the apps in the More apps screen and move them to the My Apps screen.

How can I watch YouTube on Samsung TVs older than 2013 ?

The YouTube Flash app on older TV device models is no longer available. To continue watching YouTube on an older Samsung TV  your best bet is to use one of the following cheap media players that support YouTube:

Roku Streaming media player:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon IT
Amazon ES

Amazon Fire TV Stick :
Amazon US
Amazon UK
AMazon DE

YouTube Flash Announcement from Google:

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How to Make Hydrogen & Explode Stuff

How to make hydrogen ( explosive Gas ), storing hydrogen and some of the things that you can do with it. Floating trash bag, exploding trash bag, burning bubbles, exploding egg shell, exploding pringles, exploding milk jug carton, hydrogen stove and last but not least burning hydrogen bubbles in my hand.

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Solar led light electric slug & snail fence – hack how to convert

This is how to convert a cheap pound store or dollar store solar led light into an electric slug or snail fence.

Electric slug fences provide a barrier to slugs or snails and stop them eating your plants. The voltage used is safe for children, pets and wildlife. Slugs are most active at night, so the operation of the solar light suits this purpose very well. In fact there is one commercial unit that operates in the same way, but at a considerably higher cost.

The solar led light used in this video was purchased from Poundland and cost £2 for 3 lights or 67p each.  Almost all of the cheap solar lights available can also be used for this purpose, just pick the units with the largest solar panel and if you can open one up the largest rechargeable battery. The electrolytic capacitor was removed from an old circuit board, Although it is preferable it is not essential, as the capacitance from the two wires running in parallel is usually enough to allow the circuit to operate.

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Anker premium glass screen protector iphone 5c review & installation

Glass screen protectors are much easier to fit than plastic film protectors, the problem is that there are so many choices and not all the products available are of good quality.

Anker is a brand that I have used many times before and  I have always been very happy with their products. Checkout the video below to see how easy it is to fit the Anker Premium glass screen prtector to an Apple iphone 5c.

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Otterbox symmetry iphone 5c case unboxing and review

The Otterbox symmetry case for the iphone 5c features an ultra slim profile while providing excellent protection with the Otterbox certified drop+ protection. It is designed to absorb the shock from falls and prevent damage to the phone while maintaining your phones sleek design.

Checkout the video below for an unboxing & review of the Otterbox symmetry for the iphone 5c.