Carvera Air Cnc Mill – Half the Price!

Carvera air relief carving
Carvera air relief carving

The Carvera Air is a new desktop CNC machine that aims to provide an affordable and versatile tool for education and creativity. It is a smaller version of the Carvera, a fully automatic 4-axis mill that was successfully crowdfunded in 2023. The Carvera Air offers a similar work space as its larger counterpart, but with a focus on learning the basics of CNC manufacturing.

The Carvera Air can machine various materials, from plastics and wood to aluminum, and can also be equipped with a 4th axis module and a 5W laser head for more complex and diverse projects. It features an innovative tool changing process that allows users to switch tools in just 10 seconds, without wrenches or manual calibration. It also has a dust collection system that keeps the machine and the environment clean and safe.

Carvera air – Relief Carving

The Carvera Air is designed to cater to the education sector and provide students with hands-on experience in tech creation, from coding and robotics to 3D modeling and digital fabrication. It comes with a comprehensive user manual, video tutorials, and a wiki knowledge base, as well as a cross-platform controller software that can be operated on any PC, tablet, or smartphone. The machine is fully assembled and tested, and includes starting examples, materials, and cutting bits, so users can start creating in 30 minutes.

The Carvera Air launched on Kickstarter, with a price of $1,399. It is a product of Makera, a company that aims to empower the next generation of tech innovators with accessible and reliable CNC machines. Makera believes that technology is not just about consuming information on screens, but about building, creating, and solving real-world problems3.

The Carvera Air is a promising CNC machine that combines precision, innovation, and affordability. It is ideal for hobbyists, designers, schools, and small businesses who want to explore a world of creativity and possibilities with CNC machining. Whether it’s creating custom jewelry, detailed woodworking, RC drones, or hardcore robots, the Carvera Air can help users carve their vision.

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