Eleksmaker ElekMill Mini Cnc & Laser Kit Build, Tutorial & Testing Different Materials

EleksMaker Mini Cnc Router & Laser Kit Build, Tutorial, Testing Different Materials & Review

EleksMill http://bit.ly/34HfleT (code: BGEM002, 20%off)
Eleksmaker forum https://forum.eleksmaker.com/
Eleksmaker Wiki https://wiki.eleksmaker.com/
Grblcontrol https://github.com/trasz/grblControl
Easel inventables http://easel.inventables.com
Chillipepper grbl http://chilipeppr.com/grbl
Flatcam http://flatcam.org/
LaserGRBL http://lasergrbl.com/

WD40 white lithium grease (for lubricating the leadscrews)
US https://amzn.to/36dYFME
UK https://amzn.to/2RvCi18

WD40 CT90 cutting oil (for cutting metal)
UK https://amzn.to/2DXVGeY

The Acrylic sheet sheet used was cast acrylic. Extruded acrylic does not mill very well.

Router bits
US https://amzn.to/36agDj0
UK https://amzn.to/2s8S0UY

MDP-XP power supply
US https://amzn.to/2LuOoUs
UK https://amzn.to/2OZQAoY

Note that FR1 and FR2 pcb material is generally easier to mill than FR4 (fiberglass)

Video shortcuts

Build the Elesmill      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=141
Installing & configuring Elekscam   https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=720
Installing & configuring grblcontrol    https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=755
Creating a design in  Easel      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=883
Generate gcode in easel      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=1066
Milling the first project      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=1115
Aluminium sheet front panel      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=1195
Acrylic edge lit sign     https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=1305
Edge lit sign base (plywood)    https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=1447
Edge lit sign assembly     https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=1552
PCB milling with Eagle and Flatcam      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=1573
PCB milling with Chillipepper/grbl      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=1731
Laser installation   https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=1884
Elekscam laser      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=1960
Elekscam Piccarve (Wolf)      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=2022
Elekscam Textcarve     https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=2088
LaserGRBL      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=2134
R2D2     https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=2189
Vinyl adhesive (sticky back plastic) cutting      https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=2264
Editing milling gcode for use with a laser     https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek?t=2290
Making a PCB with the laser

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