FoxAlien CL-6560 Cnc Router

The FoxAlien CL-6560 is a medium sized cnc router with a working area of 600 x 650mm (23.62″ x 26″) . It features the use of 3.1Nm NEMA23 closed loop stepper motors and 16mm ballscrews (12mm on the Z axis).

Closed-loop stepper motors include an encoder to measure the position of the stepper motor shaft and use this information in a feedback loop. This results in improved positional accuracy, increased speed, and higher torque compared to traditional open-loop stepper motors.

Ballscrews offer enhanced accuracy and reduced backlash compared to leadscrews.

The spindle provided with the CL-6560 is a 400W unit with an ER11 collet and a top speed of 10,000 rpm.

The machine benefits enormously from a spindle upgrade and an additional 65mm spindle holder is provided for this purpose.

The best options for a spindle upgrade are either a Makita trim router or a 1.5kW VFD spindle.

The CL-6560 also features a built-in offline controller, which allows the machine to be controlled and run G-code without an attached PC.

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