FoxAlien Vasto XXL Cnc Table Design / Project

The FoxAlien Vasto XXL Cnc footprint is larger than 4ft, so it is not possible to cut a one piece table top from a single 8×4 sheet of plywood. It can however be made by cutting three pieces from a single sheet.

The Vasto XXL footprint requires a table depth of 1500mm. This means that with one sheet of plywood, a maximum table length of approximately 1870mm is possible.

I have created a fusion 360 model called “plywood cut calculation” which can be downloaded and that calculates the maximum table length for a given width.
Simply change the values in the user parameters under the “MODIFY”, “change parameters” menu.

A Fusion 360 model of the table is also included:

Foxalien Vasto XXL Table Fusion 360 design files. (136 downloads)

The frame was made from 38mmx90mm CLS timber (2×4).
An additional 5th leg (not shown in the plans) was added at the back.
I have made the table quite tall so that large items can be stored underneath it.

The frame was screwed together and I also used pocket holes for the cross members.

Adjustable feet (M12 x 100mm) and M12 Pronged T-Nuts were used to level the table.

Vasto XXL table. Plywood Cut Dimensions.
Plywood Cut Dimensions.

2 thoughts on “FoxAlien Vasto XXL Cnc Table Design / Project

  1. Dré Jansen


    I also bought a CNC 3018, I would like to install limit switches.
    According to the manual, this should be on the points: Xend Yend and Zend
    These are make contacts, to which I have connected the limit switches.
    Unfortunately they don’t work.
    Above the mentioned connection points are X+X- Y+Y- Z+Z-
    What should I connect the limit switches to, without damage?

    I entered the command: $21=1
    Checked (with $$), the command was accepted.
    What are the correct connection points?
    What are the commands?

    Suppose I blow up the Arduino Nano.
    Then a new Nano must be placed, but how do I get the sketch that is currently in the Nano?
    Where can I download the source code?
    How do I read the (binary) code currently in the Nano?

    Many thanks in advance for your reply

    Regards, Dré Jansen (

    1. techydiy Post author

      I would use a voltmeter on X+ and X- to see if they are both +5v or one is +5V and the other 0v
      If they are both +5v then you will probably need to connect the limit switch between X+ and gnd, then another limit switch between X- and gnd etc.
      If they are +5V and 0V then connect the limit switch between X+ and X-
      There are loads of youtube videos about how to wire up limit switches to a 3018

      Again look for a video on how to compile and upload grbl to a Nano, its not that difficult. You can find the grbl source code on github.


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