Banggood 3018 3 Axis Mini Cnc Router Build, test & Review

Banggood 3018 Mini Cnc Router Kit




Improved collet for the 3018 CNC

ER11A collet holder and 1-7mm collets (Banggood)

ER11A collet set (Ebay US)
ER11A Collet set (Ebay UK)
ER11A collet set (Ebay DE)

The ER11A extension holder fits the 5mm motor shaft. The fit is quite tight see below.

To fit the ER11A, I wrapped the spindle motor in a plastic bag  and put it in a freezer over night. I then heated up the collet in an oven at about 200 degrees centigrade for approximately 20 minutes. Then using heatproof gloves and a wooden block I tapped the ER11A extension holder onto the motor shaft.

Bits used

End mills 1- 3mm (Banggood)
PCB mill set  (Ebay UK)
Bottom cleaning bit 22mm ( use for surface levelling with a 6mm collet )

How to change Axis that are inverted  –  Grbl 0.9

$3 – Direction port invert mask:binary

This setting inverts the direction signal for each axis. By default, Grbl assumes that the axes move in a positive direction when the direction pin signal is low, and a negative direction when the pin is high. Often, axes don’t move this way with some machines. This setting will invert the direction pin signal for those axes that move the opposite way.

This invert mask setting works exactly like the step port invert mask and stores which axes to invert as bit flags. To configure this setting, you simply need to send the value for the axes you want to invert. Use the table above. For example, if want to invert the Y axis direction only, you’d send $3=2 to Grbl and the setting should now read $3=2 (dir port invert mask:00000010)

Example: send $3=5 from the command console to invert the x and z axis.

Wiring limit switches

On the Developower 2.0 board shown in the video Xend, Yend and Zend are all connected to ground.

Z- and Z+ are connected to D12

Y- and Y+ are connected to D10

X- and X+ are connected to D9

GRBL Arduino pinout

Power Faults with the Developower 2.0 pcb


The red led shown above indicates that the power supply regulation on the pcb is operating.

Check the output voltage from the external power supply. The power supply that I received had a 24 volt dc output.

The power supply for the Arduino pro mini that runs GRBL is independent from the main power supply on the pcb. It is supplied by the usb connection from the computer. This means that if it is plugged into the computer, it will be able to communicate and appear to be operating normally.

Using the wrong version of grblcontrol for the version of grbl installed
The version of grblcontrol that I have listed above works with grbl version 0.9. Other versions of the grblcontrol are designed to operate with grbl 1.1 or above and are NOT compatible with earlier versions.

Consumer rights
In the UK, purchasing items with a credit card, gives you legal rights in the event that something goes wrong.
When you purchase items with Paypal you do not have the same legal rights, but Paypal do have their own buyer protection scheme.
In either case it is important to understand your rights and to report any problems to your credit card company or Paypal quickly. Please don’t wait weeks or months for the supplier to provide a solution or send a replacement.

How to track Banggood European Direct Mail
Enter the tracking code from Banggood into the list.
Click on the verification code image to change it, enter the verification code and then submit. The result should have some detail and a new tracking code starting with A.
Enter this new tracking code again to get further details.

Alternative tracking

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