Banggood 3018 3 Axis Mini Cnc Router Build, test & Review

Banggood 3018 Mini Cnc Router Kit




Improved collet for the 3018 CNC

ER11A collet set (Ebay US)
ER11A Collet set (Ebay UK)
ER11A collet set (Ebay DE)

The ER11A extension holder fits the 5mm motor shaft. The fit is quite tight see below.

To fit the ER11A, I wrapped the spindle motor in a plastic bag  and put it in a freezer over night. I then heated up the collet in an oven at about 200 degrees centigrade for approximately 20 minutes. Then using heatproof gloves and a wooden block I tapped the ER11A extension holder onto the motor shaft.

Bits used

PCB mill set  (Ebay UK)

How to change Axis that are inverted  –  Grbl 0.9

$3 – Direction port invert mask:binary

This setting inverts the direction signal for each axis. By default, Grbl assumes that the axes move in a positive direction when the direction pin signal is low, and a negative direction when the pin is high. Often, axes don’t move this way with some machines. This setting will invert the direction pin signal for those axes that move the opposite way.

This invert mask setting works exactly like the step port invert mask and stores which axes to invert as bit flags. To configure this setting, you simply need to send the value for the axes you want to invert. Use the table above. For example, if want to invert the Y axis direction only, you’d send $3=2 to Grbl and the setting should now read $3=2 (dir port invert mask:00000010)

Example: send $3=5 from the command console to invert the x and z axis.

Wiring limit switches

On the Developer 2.0 board shown in the video Xend, Yend and Zend are all connected to ground.

Z- and Z+ are connected to D12

Y- and Y+ are connected to D10

X- and X+ are connected to D9

GRBL Arduino pinout

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