How to Reset Brother HL-L8250CDN Starter Toner Cartridges from the Menu (Instead of Buying a New Toner Cartridge)

If your Brother HL-L8250CDN is giving you a “Replace Toner cartridge”  message and refusing to print, then you can save some money and use the remaining toner in the cartridge by following this simple procedure to reset the toner cartridge.

  1. Take a note of which cartridge needs to be reset
    1. Black
    2. Magenta
    3. Cyan
    4. Yellow
  2.  Turn on the power
  3.  Open the front cover to reveal the cartridges
  4. Press the Cancel button and while holding it down press the Secure button
  5. The menu will display a toner Reset menu and you can then scroll through the cartridges with the + (Up arrow) and – (Down arrow) keys
  6. The cartridges are identified by the following abbreviations:
    1. Colour
      1. B – Black
      2. M – Magenta
      3. C – Cyan
      4. Y -Yellow
    2. Toner
      1. TNR                – Standard toner cartridge
      2. TNT-HC          – High capacity toner cartridge
      3. TNR-S.HC       – Starter toner cartridge
  7. Select the cartridge to be reset for example C.TNR-S.HC  for the Cyan starter toner cartridge or B.TNR-S.HC for the Black starter toner cartridge
  8. Press Ok
  9. Press +  (Up arrow) to reset the cartridge
  10. Close the front cover
  11. The printer will then go through it’s initialisation process and you should then be able to print lots more pages

This should allow you to print considerably more pages, possibly double.


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