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Otterbox symmetry iphone 5c case unboxing and review

The Otterbox symmetry case for the iphone 5c features an ultra slim profile while providing excellent protection with the Otterbox certified drop+ protection. It is designed to absorb the shock from falls and prevent damage to the phone while maintaining your phones sleek design.

Checkout the video below for an unboxing & review of the Otterbox symmetry for the iphone 5c.

Jumpking Ovalpod Trampoline Net Repair & Replacement

The safety net on my daughters trampoline finally gave up and I had was forced to replace it. To be fair it did last five years in a fairly exposed site, with heavy wind, rain and a couple of years when it snowed in the winter.

I had spent many hours repairing the net, ulitmately using a hot glue gun to reinforce any holes that appeared in it.

This was quite successful and extended the life of the net by a considerable period, but finally after many hole repairs I ordered a replacement net.

The installation took about an hour which you can see in the video below, most of the video is 16x speed with a couple of sections at 32x.



Ultimately I am pleased with this trampoline and how well it has lasted. My daughter does give it one hell of a hammering each day, so if your in the market for a trampoline I can recommend the Jumpking Ovalpod trampoline range.


Black and Decker Steam Mop Repair – No steam fault

This is how to repair a Black & Decker steam mop that is not producing any steam. The symptoms are that the steam mop is hot and makes a buzzing noise but no steam is produced. The fault is due to a small one way water valve in the body of the mop becoming stuck closed. The video show you how to dismantle the steam mop, remove the valve, repair the valve and then reassemble the steam mop.