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How to Make Hydrogen & Explode Stuff

How to make hydrogen ( explosive Gas ), storing hydrogen and some of the things that you can do with it. Floating trash bag, exploding trash bag, burning bubbles, exploding egg shell, exploding pringles, exploding milk jug carton, hydrogen stove and last but not least burning hydrogen bubbles in my hand.

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How to wire a French electric plug CEE 7/6


This is how to wire a French electric plug CEE 7/6. Also some information about French sockets CEE 7/5.
priseélectrique Fiche électrique  interrupteur Disjoncteur differential

Earth Live Neutral Terre Phase Neutre France



This is  how to make your own inexpensive diy home cinema flat screen tv soundbar mounting brackets for mounting a soundbar above a television. The TV and soundbar are Panasonic but other makes should be similiar. The brackets are made from 500mm of 20mm x 20mm Aluminium angle. The mounting bolts for the tv are 12mm long, but you must make sure that the bolts you use are appropriate for your tv. The brackets are very solid and having the soundbar above the tv has enhanced the sound.

These brackets were cheap to make and are stronger and lighter than the commercial ones that I have seen.

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High voltage electric shock circuit from a disposable camera

This is how to remove the high voltage camera flash pcb from a disposable camera. You can use this to revive nicad batteries, make sparks, electric shocks, mini taser, zap, zapper etc.

Warning – this circuit produces about 350 volts and could be dangerous in some circumstances.