7 thoughts on “Sainsmart Genmitsu PROVerXL 3040 Cnc Router

  1. Jordan Ludusan

    Hi, I’m considering to buy this machine. Do you think it is better than the 3018 cnc? Can it do a lot more, like big relief carvings and plaques? It seems really well made with big stepper motors and dual lead screws. Thanks

    1. techydiy Post author

      Yes it is much better than a 3018, not even comparable really.
      Yes it can do big relief carvings and plaques. It comes with a 3 month trial of carveco which is really good for that type of work.
      I highly recommend the 4030XL, its a great bit of kit.

    1. techydiy Post author

      It has a a laser connection port, so yes you can, but they haven’t released a laser kit yet, so you would have to design the mount etc. yourself.

  2. Adegboyega Kokumo

    Good day sir
    How are you doing and your business
    I am very much interested in your products especially 3040 computer engraving machine.
    Give me the price and how it can shipped to me in Nigeria.
    Adegboyega Kokumo


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